Benefits Of Plain Internal Doors

Do you have plain interior doors in your home? If so, there are several ways you can add some style and color to each room in your home. For example, renovation projects like updating doorknobs, updating hardware, painting or adding moulding to the door are easy ways to drastically change the look of plain internal doors.

A great idea for a plain kitchen pantry door is to transform it into a chalkboard that can be used as a menu planner or to create a shopping list. This adds both functionality and style to the kitchen.



Builders use basic hardware on internal doors, and if basic-grade or worn hardware is still on the internal doors in your home, you can replace them as an easy way to add some life to the doors. Locksets, strike plates, and hinges come in a variety of finishes and styles such as:

Polished chrome
Brushed Nickel

By installing any one of these metals as hardware to your door, you can be assured a particular design element will be added to each door.


Just by adding a fresh coat of paint, you can instantly give any plain door in your home a fresh, new look. You can use multiple colors of paint to create different design options. In fact, abstract designs can be added to doors to complement a certain color that is in the room.

internal oak doors

Your children can even help by decorating the bedrooms to their doors. Allow them to use different colors of paint to create handprints and/or finger painted designs or pictures on the doors.

Glass Doors

Frosted window film or frosting spray can also be added to doors that have glass panels. This type of film and spray will help to create a level of privacy.

Window gels are also available in a range of designs also, and glass etching kits can provide you with a permanent design alternative.

internal wood doors


Great tip from portfoliodoors – Moulding is another way you can spruce up a flat internal door. It can offer a door that has a raised panel appearance without spending money on door replacement. Stock moulding can be purchased from a local home improvement store. It can be installed using either nails or glue and finished with caulk and finally paint. This will help give the door a more realistic look of the raised panel.

These are some options for improving the look of a plain internal door. Functional and style elements should be considered to make each door unique.