Wish to tote designer shoes? Save #1,250 with all these Burberry lookalikes

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Wish to bag designer shoes for a fraction of the price?

Save #1,250 with all these Burberry lookalikes

Shoe retailer Ego is currently selling those biker boots for #44.99 which look similar to the ones seen at Burberry’s SS17 series


A GIRL can not have enough shoes. Fact.

Occasionally you adore a set that you need them to match every outfit.   And that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

These biker boots turned into a standout bit at Burberry’s SS17 series

If your sole partner costs as much as your yearly income the issue is — weall’ve felt that nuisance.

That’s the reason why it’s always welcome thing every time  a high street retailer generates the appearance you love for less and gets inspo from the catwalk.

Online retailer Ego have released  some killer clip-on boots that bear an uncanny similarity to those seen at Burberry’s SS17 series.

All these Burberry leather and snakeskin boots can set you back #1,295
Online retailer Ego are now selling these remarkably similar Carter biker boots for #44.99


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Offered in three different colors (green, red and blue), Ego’s biker boots have exactly the exact snake-skin impact design, chunky heel and buckle of this haut couture brand.

The significant difference, however, is Burberry’s boots can set you back an eye-watering #1,295 whereas these Ego ones cost #44.99.

The chunky heel along with the cut out style make them the best transitional season shoe option
Ego’s lookalike sneakers Can Be Found in three colors — red, green and blue

Having a saving of more than1,250, and just in time for pay day, we do not think these stompers are going to be around for long…

This is not the first time that the road has come into our rescue.