Why Fashion Guru Nina Garcia Says Thinking ‘Shoes First’ Can Make You More Productive

Fashion genius and ‘Project Runway’ estimate Nina Garcia, who recently became an adviser to some 3D-printed shoe startup, shares two tips. To TV personality Marie Claire fashion manager and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, it starts with her shoes. […] to many girls, style is so important that they are prepared to give up comfort for style, wearing shoes so uncomfortable it can be hard to focus. “Technology is moving extremely fast and it’s facilitating all parts of our own lives, so the next step is the best way to deliver on the style and the functional,” Garcia says. Shoes determine the sort of day you’re likely to have.Whether you’re running from meeting to meeting or have a day of running errands — choose your shoes so. Because your shoes aren’t just a sign of your personality or style, they can determine what you’re likely to attain and how you’re likely to feel. […] that doesn’t mean that you ought to slip into any old shoes just because they are comfy, or throw your feet into a pair of too-small heels.

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