Why Are stylish or Theresa May’s shoes style faux pas self-expression?

Theresa May wearing leopard print shoes
Theresa May wearing leopard print shoesCredit: PA

From a style standpoint, Theresa May is famous for her love of ‘fun’ shoes: her leopard print flats and kitty heels are seen everywhere from Downing Street to Davos.

But in  a recent interview with  vlogger, a 13-year-old CBBC presenter and Nikki Lilly, the PM recalled what she considered to be more of a fashion faux pas from her youth.  

“You realize I like shoes, these are fine,” said May, “I’m not sure you’d say the same concerning the bright yellow, high platform slingbacks whom I remember having at one stage.   I really don’t think I wore them that frequently actually. I think I purchased them and thought ‘why did I purchase these?’ .”

Perhaps as you enjoyed them? Personally, I do not think you need any more reason – they’re shoes that are only, in the end. I am not certain shoes are one of them, although there are a great deal of purchases which require research and forethought.

I’m owner of many pairs of impractical…

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