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December 7th, 2017 |

Trendsetters, combine!

Kahootz’s Fashion Plates line receives a makeover this season. The newest Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker lets children design, create, and fashion runway looks–no cutting or drilling needed. Simply press. Prepare to see that an overload of completely chic #OOTD (how all the cool kids refer to “Outfit of the Day”) posts.

The -collection carries eight plates a Fashion Press roller, 50 paper sheets, 50 design sheets, a notion guide, and a glue stick. Furthermore, each accessory is unique, so that children can add a special flair. As an instance, the plates feature tops, as well as asymmetrical skirts, A-line cuts, along with looks. The routine sheets help to bring the finishing touch with a look, using sheets which include things like paisley, floral, beige, snakeskin, and fur–will we get some more fabulous–layouts. In all honesty, my wardrobe can apply these appearances IRL.

There are five different types of model sheets to select from, each comprising a different necklace: a ferocious sleek bob; a fun curled ‘do; a Ariana Grande-esque high pony; a classic half-up, half-down tied together with a oversize bow; along with a side pony which includes more bounce than a pogo stick (in the simplest way possible, obviously). There are more available on the internet to print and download if children go through all of their model sheets.

They open the plate, then set the sheet, and then fold it closed once children choose their plate and pattern sheet. Then, they insert it through it and roll up the handle to move the plate all the way in the Fashion Press. For the best results, designers should hold the end of the plate and then direct it so that the final result is as exact as possible, as it moves through. When it makes it through the media, choose out the sheet of the plate and then punch out the cut-out clothes. Now for the finishing touch, use the glue stick to style the version figures to the tens.

The Fashion Press Paper Fashion Maker is a fun and easy way for small fashionistas. With a great deal of patterns and different outfit blends children will have the ability to make countless signature pieces. See you!

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